The South Asian Bar Association of New Jersey

November 2, 2017 Press Release:

The South Asian Bar Association of New Jersey (“SABA-NJ”) is deeply troubled and disheartened by the letters being mailed out in Edison, NJ. The letters call for the deportation of Edison School Board candidates, Jerry Shi and Falguni Patel. The letter claims that “Chinese and Indians are taking over our town,” the letter goes on, “Enough is enough!”

SABA-NJ strongly condemns these outright racist remarks mailed to Edison residents. We emphasize that there is no place for racism, particularly when it calls for the deportation of citizens of the United States, in our democracy. We recognize that these comments come from a place of fear and anxiety; the fear that minorities may succeed and prosper, anxiety over the inability to adapt to the new and ever-changing society we live in, and desperation because our voices are being heard. Let us assure our Indian and Chinese community, and all of our fellow New Jersey residents, that we will not tolerate racism and hate, and we want to change the conversation. Therefore, we invite the person(s) who sent these letters to come forward, meet with our leaders and become educated on just what it means to have Asian and South Asian members in our community.

We remind everyone to be vigilant and safe. We urge all of our community members to stay calm but continue to fight and exercise your civic duties. Our individual and collective power to standup to racism is great. Our strength lies in our resolve and our commitment to the fundamental values that make us all American.

Finally, we urge everyone to VOTE for their candidate of choice.

Please contact Bhaveen Jani (, Sharmila Jaipersaud (, or any SABA-NJ Executive Board Member if you have any suggestions or questions.

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